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Hello human,

As a member of the Homo Sapiens species, there is a good chance you make use of technology. You do this to nurture and protect yourself and those around you. To connect with others, to learn and to care, but also to enjoy and express yourself. Within the animal kingdom, technology gives us human animals great powers. But with great powers come great responsibility.

Not all of us have equal access to technology or the knowledge required to work with it. While technology benefits some lifeforms, it might do so at the expense of others and even the planet as a whole. 

All of us humans hold some degree of Technology Privilege: unearned advantages acquired through or amplified by technology. It’s high time we become more aware of our privileged position as a species on this planet. A good start for you personally might be to engage in a conversation with Tekki, our chatbot. S/he will ask you some questions and give you some meaningful feedback based on your questions.

How will you use your powers?

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
(Initiator and Creative Lead)